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A Girl’s Got to Have Curves

When it comes to curvy figures, some women are born blessed with naturally slim waistlines, while others have to work on it. However, whatever your body frame is, always remember that you have the power to improve nature’s canvas through

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Sex in Heels

There is something about having sex with my heels on that really gets me going – especially if they’re a super sexy pair. It could be that I just love looking at them while my legs are in the air,

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The Art of the Boob Massage

I love getting my breasts massaged. It’s the ultimate precursor for sex, or simply another way for my partner to show they care (and appreciate my body). Depending on the setting, massages can be erotic, comforting, and/ or stimulating, and

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Good sex is like a good meal, and that can mean different things at different times!

  Sometimes, I want a “seven-course meal”:  white gloves, linen napkins, fine china, long and attentive, savoring every bite, from appetizer to dessert… Sometimes, I want “fast food”:  quick, easy, devoured, satisfying – just enough… Sometimes, I want to do

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