Today was a really cool day, and by the way the reason I need to be blogging way more is mostly because I forget all the stuff that happens or does not happen in a day, my memory needs strengthening to say the least… I am thrilled to have been asked to do a segement on the Huffington Post live and it was a very heated debate dealing with rape and taxes on strip clubs, It was actually infuriating but heres a link to check that all out :)

Then off to do an interview pictorial for La Weekly which comes out next Thursday,free go pick up your copys of me in two versions of a school girl outfit :) Proud to rep my business!  After that errands at the office and a weird interview accident where this interviewer showed up to my place and people just thought he was a stalker, lol, how weird?! right…  I made a hair appointment for tomorrow and then headed by sexy ass to Burke Williams, my FAV spa in la… got a massage n facial and now Im in a great mood!!! xoxo night boys

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  1. Zach says:

    Very cool on the Huffington Post thing. Nice to see they’re actually reaching out to get adult stars’ opinions on issues like that.

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