Good sex is like a good meal, and that can mean different things at different times!



Sometimes, I want a “seven-course meal”:  white gloves, linen napkins, fine china, long and attentive, savoring every bite, from appetizer to dessert…

Sometimes, I want “fast food”:  quick, easy, devoured, satisfying – just enough…

Sometimes, I want to do the “cooking”:  carefully shopping for the right ingredients, setting the table just so, anticipating the way the meal will taste, the reactions, the yummy noises of fulfillment…

What’s your pleasure?  On the go, or Home Sweet Home?  Fancy digs or a blanket in the park?  Do you do all the work, or do you like when someone else prepares the “meal?”  One thing’s for sure – with me, it’s all-you-can-eat!  (hee hee)

X’s and O’s,


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