Germany to Austria and an Important Lesson

Traveling from Germany to Austria was one of my favorite parts of the European trip.
Germany has a very sad and troubled history and it seems kind of staunch and grey to me.
Austria on the other hand is green and beautiful and it put everything in perspective.
Everything we go through is a phase.
The seriousness will pass.
The playfulness will pass.
The ugliness will pass.
The beauty will pass.
Do everything you can to appreciate what each phase will teach you.
Enjoy how you feel and what you’re doing, even when it’s not ideal, because YOU GET TO FEEL and YOU GET TO DO.
This is the miracle of life.






One comment on “Germany to Austria and an Important Lesson
  1. mike says:

    glad to see you brought sunshine to the grey place ,so happy you see these places and admire how traveling alone don’t stop you from being there !!
    glad god taking care of you and keeping you safe on these travels ,much love to you tasha

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