Monday at KNOTTS MERRY FARM! xoxo

Omg! OMG! OMFG! Knotts Merry Farm is sooo fucking fun! If you live in cali PLEASE GO! They have a deal going right now for 7 bucks extra = a year long pass!!! starting january, and its less then half the price of Disney Land…any way Spencer Scott and her playboy model girlfriend and I hit the road bright and early for us which is like 9 am and headed to the amusement farm, we had no idea NO one would be there and its seriously vacant and just for us all day! No lines no waits, and we managed to do EVERY single ride there!! can u believe that??? every ride!  Wowza… just wild! My favorite it the pony express which was tame for them and also the supreme scream but everyone kept saying it dosnt count if I dont open my eyes… what a lie!  It totally counts.. right? lol any way I loved every minute of corn on a stick to the super scary rides and getting my face painted like hello kitty!! What a great and tiring day, I got home and rested up for Tuesday where I basically did runyon and chilled at night again with Brooklyn, repeat today and now Im tanned and packing for my trip to Ohio Columbus Gold which is super sick! dancing there 15 and 16 of December and im soo stoked :o) dont miss me!

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