Year: 2014

The Perfect Selfie

There’s a lot that goes into taking the perfect selfie.  The angle of the camera has to be just so.  The lighting should be good, but not too bright.  You should be smiling, a sweet, toothy, sincere smile.  Make sure


The water… Flows over my body… Warm, sudsy, and slippery… Soothing every muscle, cleansing soft skin… Relaxing my mind, as I drift into tranquil meditation… The candles’ flickering light, little diamond water beads across my body… I am waiting for

Sung to “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”

Tasha, the blonde haired Reign Dear Had a sexy, flirty pout, And if you ever saw her, You know what that is all about. Wrapped ‘cross her perky, round ass Velvet, soft and red with fur, Black, vinyl, sexy, tall

It’s just natural around this time of year to think of all the things I’m thankful for!

 I have the coolest job.  As they say, “If you love what you do for a living, you never work a day in your life,” so you know that applies to me!)  I am able to travel all over the

Good sex is like a good meal, and that can mean different things at different times!

  Sometimes, I want a “seven-course meal”:  white gloves, linen napkins, fine china, long and attentive, savoring every bite, from appetizer to dessert… Sometimes, I want “fast food”:  quick, easy, devoured, satisfying – just enough… Sometimes, I want to do

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Lolly-Tits, A Haiku

Candy colored pops, Whimsical and delicious. Sweetness that won’t stop! I hope you have a sweet, colorful, whimsical, and delicious day (or night) planned.  Lick it up like there’s no tomorrow! X’s and O’s, Tasha

Back to the Future

Last week marked the 29th anniversary of “Back to the Future,” the movie.  Gosh, some of us weren’t even born yet!  It got me thinking, what would I tell myself if I could go back in time from now?  Probably

Word Play

T – Tasty A – Adorable S – Sexy H – Hot S – Saucy A – Angel R – Ready E – Excited I – Irresistible G – Gorgeous N – Naughty Today’s word play with my name is

My thought on Halloween

There’s something really special about fall.  As the weather cools off, snuggles heat up, and you know I love that!  Without a doubt, one of my very most favorite themes of the season is Halloween.  It’s the time of year

Did you know four of our former United States Presidents were cheerleaders?

That got me thinking:  since I’m appearing live, in-person at Cheerleaders Pittsburg on the 24th and 25th of October, maybe I will run for president one day! My unique talents sure would make negotiations and leadership interesting, to say the