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Life with Mini Pigs

MY SENSATIONAL POT BELLY PIGS Hey there uproxxxers! My name is Rachel and I am so incredibly excited to get to know you as an audience and give you a little insight into the very curious life I have been

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Brand New Website!

For Immediate Release – Cyberspace PRESS RELEASE – SUPERSTARS TASHA REIGN AND VICKY VETTE ANNOUNCE BLOCKBUSTER INTERNET PARTNERSHIP – LAUNCH OF NEW OFFICIAL SITE! Penthouse Pet & adult superstar Tasha Reign ( & and internet powerhouse Vicky Vette are

A Girl’s Got to Have Curves

When it comes to curvy figures, some women are born blessed with naturally slim waistlines, while others have to work on it. However, whatever your body frame is, always remember that you have the power to improve nature’s canvas through

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“Just Because” Gifts

Listen up boys; I have a secret to tell you. Girls love receiving sentimental gifts. Not just on their birthdays, not just on Valentine’s Day and not just on Christmas. Every now and then, a girl appreciates receiving a “just

Sex in Heels

There is something about having sex with my heels on that really gets me going – especially if they’re a super sexy pair. It could be that I just love looking at them while my legs are in the air,

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The Art of the Boob Massage

I love getting my breasts massaged. It’s the ultimate precursor for sex, or simply another way for my partner to show they care (and appreciate my body). Depending on the setting, massages can be erotic, comforting, and/ or stimulating, and

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Waxing the Kitty

Removing hair or letting it remain au natural is a personal choice and preference, but if you’re like me and prefer the hairless route, allow me to make a few suggestions on waxing your kitty (and keeping it pretty). I

Pampering Yourself via Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are the sexiest self-pampering party for girls – with an added emphasis on “self-pamper”. Besides sex, after a long, stressful day, the number one thing I love to do is climb into a steaming tub of gentle bubbles

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